R 60.00


Acetic Acid 0,6% water. This is the number one best product to mix your IGF1R3 Long and all your peptides with. When mixing your IGF1 R3 long with normal bacteriostatic water it will start losing potency from 48 to 72 hours. With Acetic Acid the IGF will be preserved for up to a 30 days minimum or even longer.

FRAG 176-191 where the manufacturer recommends strictly that the product be constituted with Acetic Acid. If you constitute the Frag 176-191 with normal bacteriostatic water it will look murky and not clear. When mixing it with Acetic Acid the Frag will be clear and be preserved for much longer. 

The other huge advantage of having Acetic Acid in our range is that we can now purchase 1000mcg ampules of IGF1 R3 Long for much cheaper than the current 100mcg x 10 ampules we have in stock. You can mix your 1000mcg ampule with Acetic Acid and inject it over a month because it will stay preserved and not loose potency. 

The only down side to Acetic Acid is that it stings when you inject it. You can always dilute it with bacteriostatic water on injection day to avoid the sting. But keep it constituted with Acetic Acid. factor.