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This product is finally finished.

The formula is already set as displayed on this label and the ingredients has been procured and paid for. It will be capsulated in the next week to ten days.

I am just not sure about the name yet but I want to go use the words Nootropic because this is the hottest topic in the US at the moment and it out sells all and every type of thermogenic.

No legitimate supplement supplier in South Africa is able to procure these ingredients and we will be the first local supplement supplier to have six ingredients combined in one formulation that crosses the blood brain barrier that no other brand can procure or has ever even seen.

This is not only a fat burner but could bolt on to your current Ciccone Pharma pre workout to intensify the current pre workouts effect.

This is also a neuro stimulant that will help you focus and stay alert when studying. It can be used for people who are driving late at night to stay awake and alert. It can also be used recreational when people go out at night to have a good time.

But it is a super potent fat burner that will be very difficult to match.